It's Been A Minute

As I re-read my last post from February of this year and now looking back from October 2021, we (country/community) are indeed worst off. Covid is no longer a thing, it has morphed into "Vaxxed/Non-Vaxxed", while governmental-liberalist see the "Non-Vaxxed" as sub-human, all while setting up mandates to jab anyone who questions the narrative. We are no longer free, our speech has been censored, the truth - covered up. Those who are pro mandates, my question to you is what will happen when they change the word "vaccine" after "mandate";  "the government mandates (Fill In The Blank)". What are you going to do if that "mandate" doesn't fit your ideology? Its only a matter of time that "they" will be coming for you. Stand for your rights! Stand for the rights of others!

Labor shortage has but a damper on this years gig's, in spots gig's have picked up and at the right time needed. The listening audience have a new found appreciation for music, live music. We crave truth! There is an undercurrent effecting performances; right after February's post I personally experienced fraudulent booking inquiries, both in live performances and teaching. I don't see this as a coincidence to my post, however an effort to bully/blacklist free thought by going after one's livelihood. This effort continues today. Whomever is perpetrating this hopes to instill fear, but it won't work because Jesus Christ is my Savior and He is my protection. 

I look forward to performing at the venues that support live music and that have supported me and my fellow musicians. I look forward to see you out there enjoying life, music and freedom.

Support our rights! Support live music! 


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