It's Been A Minute  

As I re-read my last post from February of this year and now looking back from October 2021, we (country/community) are indeed worst off. Covid is no longer a thing, it has morphed into "Vaxxed/Non-Vaxxed", while governmental-liberalist see the "Non-Vaxxed" as sub-human, all while setting up mandates to jab anyone who questions the narrative. We are no longer free, our speech has been censored, the truth - covered up. Those who are pro mandates, my question to you is what will happen when they change the word "vaccine" after "mandate";  "the government mandates (Fill In The Blank)". What are you going to do if that "mandate" doesn't fit your ideology? Its only a matter of time that "they" will be coming for you. Stand for your rights! Stand for the rights of others!

Labor shortage has but a damper on this years gig's, in spots gig's have picked up and at the right time needed. The listening audience have a new found appreciation for music, live music. We crave truth! There is an undercurrent effecting performances; right after February's post I personally experienced fraudulent booking inquiries, both in live performances and teaching. I don't see this as a coincidence to my post, however an effort to bully/blacklist free thought by going after one's livelihood. This effort continues today. Whomever is perpetrating this hopes to instill fear, but it won't work because Jesus Christ is my Savior and He is my protection. 

I look forward to performing at the venues that support live music and that have supported me and my fellow musicians. I look forward to see you out there enjoying life, music and freedom.

Support our rights! Support live music! 


What Now.... 

As wondering nomads seeking shelter at every stop, finding ways to circumvent basic needs; so to will be the testing waters for professional working musicians to come. There won't be just a few ways, but a myriad of ways to navigate through. Live music will take on a new look and one less connected for those listeners. Get ready to adjust and if you haven't by now, it'll get tougher in the days/months ahead. 

For the professional working musicians, we are starting to see limited openings to the events that we've known to perform, which will be muddied for those professionals, as we'll see the hobbyist dying to get "exposure" and play for free, which drives the professionals monetary value way down. If your'e reading this and you happen to be a hobbyist musician, please take note that professional working musicians offer value that you don't have at your'e current experience level, so don't muddy the pool with "exposure" opportunities. 

We've also seen an uptick on musical instrument sells, as a guitarist I've notice a blurb as I was scanning social media that quite a few guitars were purchased in 2020. For instructors this is great news, however lets hope that with these new purchases comes with the honest pursuit in learning the instrument outside of youtube's monkey see monkey do approach. Another avenue for the professional working musicians, being able to reach new and aspiring musicians with the level of expertise that no online-prerecorded dribble can offer. With distance still at hand, offering one-on-one live video chat lessons is not ideal but manageable, offering that specific base instruction will still be paramount. 

Compose! Compose! Now is the time for those professional working musicians to put their idea's down. Not just what your'e accustomed to playing but outside your norm. Many multimedia outlets are always looking for new/original music to add and if you compose with a broad stroke you'll give yourself many options. 

I'm going to be honest, I'm not that optimistic of what our near future holds. We are witnessing legislation with a stroke of a pen and been told of a "dark winter", however that plays out, we must strive for excellence - this is what I know to be true from professional working musicians. 

First Entry.... 

Where to for many folks these past ten months have been challenging outside of MSM "corona virus". The stigma of the pandemic (plandemic) is far greater than the virus, simply put - if you knew someone or came in close proximity of an infected person, you were to be quarantine - thus giving you this stigma. This same stigma went to small businesses, out of fear the ruling MSM made an effort to report of shaming and censoring of any business breaking suggested guidelines. Am I a virus denier, no. But its clear to see that this was planned and fueled by the media, politicians and financial institutions to cripple the mom and pop stores in our community, as for reasons why, I don't know, maybe to transfer assets? Either way, this riddled the country's work force and put everyone's livelihood in jeopardy.   

Working musicians were hit hard! I'm not talking pop music puppets, but you're hard working professional musicians, who play various events i.e. weddings, corporate events, wineries, private events, etc. you know the ones performing three-four hour gigs with no breaks, those musicians. They depend on small businesses in the events field to thrive and since every event since Feb./March 2020 came to a complete stop, so too have these working musicians.  I get it, you can say do a live stream and ask for tips, but here's the truth that doesn't work, because the well of those tipping is drying up too. Plus these musicians have catered most of their professional careers playing these events, that it just doesn't translate to a live stream. 

We are seeing industries disappear and livelihoods vanish right in front of our eyes, livelihoods that have a family structure that partially depends on income of some kind. Will we get these industries back? Maybe not all. Will we get back to normal? Maybe not. As of today January 26 2021 its not looking good, this country is on the ropes and its not the virus fault.