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Travis Vega: Guitar Lessons

It is of utmost importance for the studying guitarist to know how to fully play their instrument by continual study and focus on areas that are both enriching in music theory and guitar theory. As an instructor it is my duty to help the student center their concentration of study on knowing the basic fundamentals of playing the guitar, this cannot be done by learning songs and or guitar licks or other cliche stylistic approaches. One of the methods that I choose to use is the CAGED Sequence system, this system allows for the building blocks to grow and flourish throughout the many different advancements the student will make during their time studying the guitar.”

~ Guitarist & Instructor Travis Vega

Guitar Fundamentals @ Hutchins Street Square

Rock your six string in this fun, relaxed and positive learning environment! Students will concentrate on various forms of education including, chords, chord positions, progressions, scales, rhythm, music theory and more. 

 Private Lessons are now available. Click the banner to sign-up, or call Arts & Culture: (209) 333-6782


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