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New Music

Since the new website has been up and running, I'm getting closer to adding new music! It's been sometime since I've put out a project, which I'm excited to release first quarter 2019. So stay tuned! 

Time Management

Time management in any field of endeavor is crucial and usually a skill on its own. If one's path is that in the musical field, time management is paramount in becoming successful to completing the task at hand. Between working on various compositions (written, or previously scored), which may involve recording and or arranging, lesson planning for students, instructing, practicing and rehearsing, booking new performances, working with clients, calling parents of students and or adult students, etc., etc. Time can slip away and become impossible to overcome if you find yourself working on various different task at once.

Music, like water, weaves itself into any environment and could fill in the gaps that have yet to be bridge together, the culmination of experiencing this has become part of how I deal with managing time. Molding and flowing through the various task, keeps me flexible and focused onto completion and prepared to be adaptable if issues or sudden changes shall arise. I still hold onto a very natural approach towards music, even from a working perspective. The various musical textures are that of a continual line of communication, a give and take, just like in any job setting. Seamless, with the task at hand, forward progress towards completion and then moving on. Time management's view from the musical window.

Ears To Hear

Students are often very informed when it comes to music theory, I find that naturally our ears do the heavy lifting and translation between what we hear, process and play becomes the biggest obstacle. Many times we study base on a stylistic preference, which is understandable, however we don't always see that in one area of study can be bridged into another. Concepts run through out, but terms differ, the ideas consistent but not visualized, these issues can be a stumbling block when bridging the gap.

Paying close attention to the subtleties of a phrase, chordal harmony, structure, theme, etc. will incline the student to pinpoint consistent concepts that transcend musical stylings. In other words, listen. 

For all of us who pick up an instrument will forever be studying, but the greatest understanding is already built in. God has bless us with ears to hear! So rejoice, play and worship Him.

New Site Up & Running!

New site up and running! Looking forward to updating, adding new features and continuing this blog. Thank you all for your continued support.

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