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Travis Vega: Biography

Travis Vega

Exploding on the jazz scene with 2004 debut CD, “Through The Valley”, Travis quickly became a smash hit with radio and concertgoers alike. A cross between Santana meets Wes Montgomery, 2007 marked a new chapter in Travis’s career, with his release “Just Let It Flow”. Since the 2007 release, Travis Vega became one of the youngest emerging composers in the Smooth Jazz genre, contributing music that has stood the test of time. Also in 2007, Travis found great success touring the West Coast, bring his flare for entertaining and stage presence to many highlighted performance, including The San Jose Jazz Festival, The Crocker Art Jazz Series, playing for Smooth Jazz radio stations, The River KRVR 105.5, Sacramento's KSSJ 94.7 and Reno's Smooth Jazz station 92.1, just to name a few. Smooth Jazz radio, both off and online took notice to Travis's work, radio shows such as Smooth Groovers Review, Fusion Flavours, The River 105.5, Bay Smooth Jazz,, Reno Smooth Jazz 92.1, Echo Smooth Jazz, Smooth Jazz Web, SKY FM and many, many more gravitated towards this “genre-bending” release, combining elements that seem to bring it to a full Smooth Jazz cycle, from Pop, Dance, R&B and World.  

“From beginning to end this guitar virtuoso has injected charm and passion into each song…. The production is exceptionally exquisite…. Travis has taken smooth jazz to the next level and his star has risen and shining brightly over the jazz community. ” ~ Marvin D. The Urban Music Scene,

“Sometimes, as if out of nowhere, a CD comes along that both surprises and delights…. ‘Smooth Urban Night’… a title that sums up to perfection the mellow and sensual groove that permeates much of the album…. ‘Smooth Urban Night’ is built upon its unmistakable cool groove. ‘Pacific Wind’ is another choice example, ‘Vega Motion’ is totally radio ready and another cut for which the airwaves beckon is ‘Like It Like That’. ~ Denis Poole, Smooth Jazz Therapy

“One finds many new melodies enthralling audience and fellow musicians…. To the end Travis shines as guitar virtuoso…. Smooth Urban Guitar sound at its best…. No wonder that other guitar players are interested in Travis work and melodies.” ~ HBH, Smooth & Soul http://